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TMA seeks to brush up the Old West End

For a mere ten dollars, the cost of a lunchtime meal, The Toledo Museum of Art was able to purchase the Museum Residences, a group of five buildings situated close together on Collingwood and Monroe, which include the Lincoln Suites, and the historic Bartley Mansion. The acquisition was finalized in March, and the Museum is

Mancy’s Redux

A longstanding Toledo icon, Mancy’s Ideal, has a renovated look with emphasis on their roots, by reopening the doors (of the former Revolution Grill), inviting the hungry and curious to come and experience the tradition that started in 1921. The Ideal, the Mancy restaurant posse’s/ kabal’s/ gang’s/ family’s fifth location, is a throwback to the

The Black Box Theatre Goes Dark

Directed by theater veteran Elizabeth Cottle and presented in the intimate space of Studio A, aptly referred to as the black box, the performance invites theater enthusiasts to journey into a Gothic nightmare.

The beauty of Zimbabwe blooming in stone at Toledo Botanical Gardens

“Mhoro” means “hello” in Shona, one of the languages of Zimbabwe. It’s a greeting spoken by Aron Kapembeza and Passmore Mupindiko, two sculptors who have traveled from halfway across the world to represent their nation, their culture, and their art, on display at the Toledo Botanical Gardens through October 29. Representing more than 300 Zimbabwe