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Art and Technology Overlap at UT’s Launchpad Incubation

The University of Toledo’s program LaunchPad Incubation is a (virtual) petri dish of ideas. LaunchPad Incubation has invited UT’s Center for Visual Arts into its space. Here, art and technology, a Venn-diagram overlap of surprising proportions, have emerged from the incubator in the first of multiple installations.

The Brass Tacks On Coffee Quest 419

A number of local participating shops have brewed up a hunt that ends with a treasure, as well it should. At the journey’s completion, T-Town jewel Jupmode offers an original Coffee Quest 419 shirt, which we’re sure will be sported proudly by all true coffee-lovers.

Snapshot of KeySpeaks: Womanhood For The Win

The organization KeySpeaks, focused on empowerment for the true nature of woman, held a photoshoot Saturday at the TMA. Although not grand in number, there couldn’t have been more smiles and laughter if the attendance count had been twice what it was.