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The Brass Tacks On Coffee Quest 419

A number of local participating shops have brewed up a hunt that ends with a treasure, as well it should. At the journey’s completion, T-Town jewel Jupmode offers an original Coffee Quest 419 shirt, which we’re sure will be sported proudly by all true coffee-lovers.

Snapshot of KeySpeaks: Womanhood For The Win

The organization KeySpeaks, focused on empowerment for the true nature of woman, held a photoshoot Saturday at the TMA. Although not grand in number, there couldn’t have been more smiles and laughter if the attendance count had been twice what it was.

Bier Stube’s ‘Glass City Get Down’ A Plus For Pups

The Glass City Get Down with the Low Down Music Fest and Bass Showcase will be happening this Saturday and Sunday. Working to place several dogs in healthy, adoptive homes, LC4 will be there with a number of pups, out of their kennels and interacting with families in attendance.