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“Pieces to Peace”: Community Mosaic Explores Mental Health Concerns

Gail Christofferson’s latest project, a large-scale mosaic set to be installed in July at 411 N. Michigan Ave. in downtown Toledo, is a joint effort with A Renewed Mind, a local mental healthcare provider. Funded by a grant through the Toledo Community Foundation and the David and Laura Lovell Group, the mosaic, “Pieces to Peace”—a decidedly appropriate title—has been in the works for the better part of a year.

Art and Technology Overlap at UT’s Launchpad Incubation

The University of Toledo’s program LaunchPad Incubation is a (virtual) petri dish of ideas. LaunchPad Incubation has invited UT’s Center for Visual Arts into its space. Here, art and technology, a Venn-diagram overlap of surprising proportions, have emerged from the incubator in the first of multiple installations.