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Masayuki Koorida Showcase in Grand Rapids

Now internationally praised, this summer the Park showcases contemporary sculptor Masayuki Koorida with a handful of a large geometric sculptures and large-scale drawings created for his exhibition, titled Beyond Existence.

Comfort, Food: The art of indulging with Diane Rogers

If you had told me I would soon spend nearly four hours with women twice my age in the garden of a Perrysburg home, sipping crisp Pinot Grigio, noshing on a bulky block of Brie, accompanied by fresh, heady salsas and piquant dips, I would have laughed. Yet, on the first warm day of summer,

Rebecca Louise Law on Preserving Community

Rebecca Louise Law, an artist known for her hanging-flower, sculpture installations, travelled from her home in the United Kingdom to Toledo, she brought with her materials from every installation she’s ever made— a stunning bounty of over 100,000 pieces of preserved flora.