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River House Arts Welcomes Zac Weinberg

Style fades, as does the line between trendy and tacky. Explore the concept of object impermanence in artist Zac Weinberg’s solo exhibit, Kitsch Alchemy, at River House Arts. Currently working as a Glass and Sculpture Technician at Bowling Green State University’s School of Art, Weinberg’s works in glass, neon and mixed media blur the lines

TMA Welcomes Leo Tecosky as Artist in Residence

Brooklyn-based artist Leo Tecosky is inspired by his surroundings. The influence of pop culture, graffiti art and hip hop are reflected in his unique and bold sculptures and installations. Combining traditional glassblowing with neon and screen printing techniques, Tecosky brings his modern and exciting style to the Toledo Museum of Art from November 7-16 as

Toledo Museum of Art Screens “Beuys”

In 1965, German artist Joseph Beuys covered his head and face in honey and gold leaf, tied a slab of iron to his boots and sat in a gallery cradling and whispering bedtime stories to a dead hare. The performance piece, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, still shocks, inspires, and confuses audiences—

LaScola Italian Grill Offers Friendsgiving Wine Dinner

Despite being the biggest meal of the year, sometimes Thanksgiving lacks for taste. While dry turkey, poorly-timed side dishes, (think cold mashed potatoes) and store-bought pie served by casual cooks might fill your stomach, does it really satisfy your cravings? Set the table early during LaScola Italian Grill’s annual Friendsgiving Wine Dinner, featuring a traditional

Bethany House Exhibits Silent Witness Project

In the past decade, more than 60 girls and women in this region have been killed by husbands, boyfriends or stalkers. Memorialize victims from our local community by seeing their stories at the ongoing exhibit for The Silent Witness Project. Housed and maintained by Bethany House, Toledo’s only long-term domestic violence shelter that offers long-term,