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6th annual Barrio Latino Art Festival

Spend a minute in the 1200 block of Broadway to get a sense of the community’s creativity. With colorful, large murals, vibrant buildings and a community garden, the district’s expressive look is a perfect prelude to what you can expect during the 6th annual Barrio Latino Art Festival. See work by local artists and get

Circle 2445 Tours: Haute Couture

“Everything, eventually, comes back into style.” Typical thinking is that the cliché is true, but a look at the past shows not every style enjoys the rebound. Curious about what past trends were popular, and how designers created buzz before the age of fashion blogs and Instagram?  Witness the Toledo Museum of Art’s collection of

Mindful Meals with Gather Toledo and Slow Food USA

Want to meet your neighbors? Potlucks are a time-tested way to make new friends, try out something new and get a taste of the community. Two exciting opportunities are coming up for locals with a dish to share: Diverse plates Gather Toledo, a local group that welcomes refugees and immigrants to Toledo through the comfort

Barry’s Is Coming Downtown And It’s Everything (Bagel) To Me

If you’re from Toledo, if you’ve lived in Toledo, if you’ve visited Toledo, if you’ve even heard the word “Toledo,” you probably know one thing: The Glass City goes wild for Barry Bagels. Since the locally-owned chain was founded in 1972 by the late Barry Greenblatt, Barry Bagels has expanded, opening eleven locations in Ohio and Michigan,