Art goes overboard at the annual Mix

. March 12, 2013.

On March 23rd, the Toledo Arts Commission will hold its annual Mix fundraiser on the main floor of the Commodore Perry apartment building. This year’s theme, ‘Overboard,’ is a celebration of Northwest Ohio’s nautical tradition and the commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of Oliver ‘Hazard’ Perry’s victory at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.
“We have taken our themes from a variety of inspirations,” said Jennifer Jarrett, deputy director at the Arts Commission, “For instance, the 2011 edition of the  event took place on the 27th and 28th floors of the Fifth Third Building and, fittingly, was dubbed ‘The Mix Vertical.’”

No matter the theme, the annual mix is always one of the most well-attended and highly-praised art events of the year, because the party brings the local arts community together with tis biggest supporters for one night of celebratory bacchanalia. The ‘Mix Overboard’ is a chance for Toledo to see the beauty of the Commodore Apartment Building as well as honor local artists, from modern mixed media pieces  to Depression-era paintings. Pieces by 30 local artsits, including Daniel Mauk, Max Reddish, and Thomas Sorrell will also be included in the gallery for viewing.

The fundraiser promises a fast-paced lineup of activities including raffles and live music from an eclectic group of performers including The Dew Droppers, Quick Trio, Rob Sample, Mike Whitty and Clifford Murphy. Food will be provided by Mancy’s Brothers Catering, Registry Bistro, and Cake in a Cup. The mix will once again host its annual silent auction.
“It is largely a volunteer event. Everything is done with the help of people in support of the Art Commission’s programs,” said Jarrett. Volunteers will spend half the night bartending and serving, and rub elbows with partigoers during the remainder of the night.

This year’s Mix will also be a special occasion, as the historic Commodore opens its immense corridors and terrazzo floors to a public event for the first time in years. Beneath the glitz of the suarez lies a piece of Toledo history — a painting of Oliver Perry’s victory against the British was recently re-discovered and will be unveiled at the gathering.
“You can’t find a better location in the midst of downtown,” said Barbie Zachrich, resident manager of the Commodore. Her long term goal is to re-establish the ballrooms and dining rooms on upper floors to enhance the appeal of the continuing legacy of the Commodore. “This could be a viable space for anyone wanting to start a business. The building could do very well here, by providing a communal gathering space, like a coffee or pastry shop,”
she said.

The ‘Mix Overboard ‘will take place on Saturday, March 23rd from 7:30pm to 1am at the Commodore Perry, 505 Jefferson Ave. on the corner of Jefferson near Superior. Tickets are $75 for general admission and $125 for V.I.P. passes. Proceeds will sponsor ACGT programs such as the biennial ARTomatic 419!, young Artsits at Work, the Parkwood Gallery and downtown Art Walks. For more info, or to volunteer visit or call 419-254-ARTS (2787). Note: There will not be a preview event this year.