Food & Drinks

Taco ‘Bout New Mexican Street Food at 419 Tacos

Owner, Jorge Diaz “wants to bring the neighborhood together, keeping it alive” by serving up affordable food in an inviting space. We stopped by to see what the new, locally-owned restaurant is all about and left satisfied, full, and only $22 lighter.

Culinary Mavericks

We asked Toledo area chefs who love to cook about their favorite dishes. Read on to learn about some big kitchen moments for these culinary mavericks.

The Freshest Guide Around: Farmers Markets

SO many local farmers markets… the freshest guide in town.

Restauranteurs! Sofo Foods’ Signature Showcase

Restaurant professionals won’t want to miss out on Sofo Food’s Signature Showcase which will present new menu ideas and products.

Boochy Mama’s Kombucha Brew Workshop

Join Boochy Mama’s team for the Kombucha Brewing at Home Workshop where you’ll receive an introductory lesson in brewing up the drink that improves gut health, a starter kit, and some free kombucha while you learn.

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